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  • Analog Processing: Custom mastering console, Maslec mastering console, Sontec EQ,
  • Manley and NTP compressors, Neumann 
  • Digital Processing: Z-systems, Weiss, Waves 
  •  Tape Machines: Studer and Ampex 1/4" & 1/2" Solid State or Tube, Dolby SR 
  • Digital Routing: Z-Systems 
  • Workstations: Audiocube & Sonic Solutions 
  • Monitoring: Dunlavy SC-4, Meyer HD-1, Tannoy 
  • A/D & D/A: Prism, DAD, Apogee 
  • Amplifiers: Crown Macro Reference 
  • Lacquer Lathe: Neumann VMS 70 
  • California Audio Labs & Sony CD players 
Primo Service Group